maandag 1 september 2014

Een XL bloes!!!?

Ja écht ik ben zoveel afgevallen dat ik een XL aankan... ohnee wacht die maat die klopt niet!
Deze blouse is waarschijnlijk in de kringloop terechtgekomen omdat de omvang van de mouwen niet strookt met de omvang van het lijfje..
Daar heb ik dus wat aan gedaan.
Nu nog inspiratie voor de kraag... wie bied?!

Dit is voor... te wijd!

Ik heb de zijnaden en een stuk van de mouwen ingenomen en nu zit hij als gegoten!

En nu nog iets met die kraag!!!!

4 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Why don't you make a V collar ou a square collar? It would't look like that you are choking!
kisses from Portugal!
Helena A.

Anoniem zei

like this collar of the picture:

(Helena A.)

g.satansbraten zei

Hi Dear,

it's me, Gerlinde (Satansbraten) - known to you from the refashion co-op.
Approaching you today with an idea to your question which didn't come through my mind IN TIME when you came up with your request - sorry.
Since I had quite a 'boiling hot' flush of memory of this request of yours when - somewhere during the festive season - I grabbed one of my own 'half-elegant' Tops which once had to overcome the same problem (and fast and lazy ;-) ) I decided to search for you and ask you whether you'd still interested.
I've taken pics to show what I'm talking about and would love to send them to you - if permission granted.
Since I'm technical/computer wise not very 'advanced' I didn't find an email address of yours around here. Likewise I wouldn't want mine all over the place either; do you think, the admins at the co-op could help us to exchange our email addresses to perhaps indeed go ahead ?
Please let me know as an answer to this post whether you're even interested - I'm going to ask the girls at the admin in between already since THEM knowing how to reach one of their cheekiest
readers and commenters wouldn't hurt anyway (to defend themselves - if necessary ).

LG, Gerlinde

g.satansbraten zei

Thanks - done; on its way
And no worries for 'yankering around' in my mind

a) we should do those nerds proud for their invention of computer technic to bring the world together hence I've suddenly even a Dutch Lady' in my head :-D !

b) together we're strong(er): via computer we CAN at least at times even help each other across the waters (= I'm sitting in Australia - hence the time delay, sorry)

c) occasionally I'm even good with useful ideas despite my liking for having fun and playing 'headless chook' as well in between ;-)
YET: you still have to decide, whether this idea of mine is useful for you and your surrounding as well.
At least it's an idea - a fast/lazy one into the bargain. Maybe you could send it to the co-op as well since you're proud blog owner already (which I can't yet - sigh) ?
Up to you - good luck and seeya ('readya' ;-) ) later (Australian casual phrase to say 'good bye'
:-D )

LG, Gerlinde